Oxygen Forensics Presents: Application, Cloud and Drone Data

Join us on August 15, as Oxygen Forensics will provide a technical presentation covering Application, Cloud and Drone Data for our chapter.

This opportunity will be hosted by the Naperville Police Department  (1350 Aurora Ave, Naperville, IL 60540), starting at 8 am, and we will provide light snacks and coffee. With the presentation starting at 9 am. If you cannot attend this event, we will try to provide this event to registered members via our Uberconference Channel. Presentation details below.

Application, Cloud and Drone Data:

With all the applications available in the different marketplaces, Apple Store, Google Play, etc., it is impossible to have a tool support all of them. In this session, we will look into what data can be found inside application databases. Also, with more and more investigators relying on cloud data for today’s investigations, today’s investigators are facing growing instances of two-factor authentication when it comes to cloud storage. What is two-factor authentication and can it be defeated to access valuable data on the cloud? This session will delve into 2FA and share methods on how investigators can overcome this now common scenario and extract valuable data. Finally, in this session, we will look at the capabilities of Drone Data, what can be parsed out and how to use it. The session will also take a look at Geo-Location Data and how it can be used.

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